Szabo Family  King City, ON

"Our Christmas story from this past year, having our home demolished and then abandoned by an unscrupulous contractor, and then Kings Haven Construction taking over and rebuilding it will be told over and over again. This construction journey took us from valleys of desperation, plateaus of long waits to finally on mountains of relief and joy from where we could see the humongous difference of good and bad in this world and its people. Thank you for restoring our sense of good in this world."  

"We would like to express our gratitude and thank you one more time for your help. Knowing the circumstances, given the short notice and harsh winter conditions, your understanding of our needs, your expertise and professionalism in what you do and the person of who you are, made it possible for us to continue with our project, building our home.  Keeping us constantly up-to-date, paying attention to our concerns, you made this project a wonderful experience to us, which we will remember and cherish for many years to come.  Last but not least, we are extremely pleased to note that the final project costs came under the estimated budget, something that we do appreciate a lot."