About Us

Who We Are


Kings Haven Construction (KHC) is an established custom home builder with a tight knit group of individuals. We work very closely with our clients and believe in the philosophy of building a solid relationship with our clientele in order to not only fulfill their dreams but ours as well. Our group of diverse invididuals who range from engineering to architectural and business backgrounds are what make this company reputable amongst the building community. It is our diversity, experience and knowledge that gains us the reputation for ensuring clients a home that exceeds their expectations.

What We Do


KHC specializes in building new custom homes and completing major renovations of existing ones. We focus on designing a home with passion, beauty, and precession, and our ability to convert your dreams into a cost effective reality is something we strive for.  Our hands on approach from design to completion plays a key role in what KHC is all about.

We help communicate your ideas in order to get them on a working plan, we source and implement cost effective solutions, we gauge scope of work through plans and site visits, we ensure quality workmanship through onsite inspections, and we ensure your design ideas meet your required budget and time frame.

What Is Our Goal


At KHC we love what we do and we take pride and ownership of all our projects. our intimate knowledge of home building, alongside our experience, ensures our clients not only the finest home design but a lifetime of satisfaction.


We aim to make things easy, as we assure our customers the following:  

  • KHC's overall design/build is assured to meet clients dream.

  • Projects are completed on time and within budget. 

  • Quality controls are well established and dictated by our project managers.

  • All inspections are coordinated and conducted with our project managers present. 

  • Planning and Permits are conducted by our project managers.

  • A working relationship is established between KHC and client which enables both parties to work efficiently in order to create a visual dream.